The Support Staff At Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP

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Each client of Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP can expect delivery of the highest quality legal service, backed and supported by a kind, dedicated and eminently skilled legal staff.


As the first point of contact for the firm, the receptionist receives and welcomes each client and visitor to the office with discretion, confidentiality and respect. In addition to scheduling all firm appointments and ensuring that all client inquiries and concerns are promptly addressed, she provides administrative support to the attorneys, processes and analyzes data and serves as a firm liaison with jails, prisons, law enforcement agencies and courts.

Finance, Accounts & Office Management

The Finance, Accounts & Office Manager oversees the financial, banking, tax and business administration of the firm. Duties include monitoring contract compliance, whether with clients, service and goods providers, or outside contractors, such as physicians, toxicologists, ballistic and accident reconstruction specialists, investigators or laboratories. Clients may depend upon prompt, detailed and scrupulous statements, billings and accountings, whenever called for, of all work and expenditures made or incurred on their behalf, and the Accounts Manager is always available to answer questions for clients.


The Calendaring Clerk oversees and maintains all firm calendars, calendaring systems and ticklers, tracks and records each attorney's appearance and updates the systems that keep all other members of the firm and clients informed. Each client's case file is closely monitored, updated and calendared for work, review and appearance in court.


The firm paralegal is a specially trained professional, providing legal research, data collection and analysis, preparation of documents, subpoenas and correspondence, and service of pleadings, as well as other vital support services to firm attorneys. The paralegal serves as the firm's vital link to court clerks on appearance days, and is the firm's principle liaison with prosecutors, judges, their staff, administrative and law enforcement agencies.

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