Some Factors Can Increase Punishments For Drug Crimes

While drug charges carry serious potential consequences of their own, they become considerably more serious if they involve aggravating factors which could lead to sentence enhancements. You want a lawyer on your side who can help you minimize the impact of drug charge enhancements.

The attorneys at Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP, have years of experience protecting the rights of those facing drug and narcotics charges and the enhancements that can substantially increase punishments.

A Lawyer To Help You Understand Drug Charges And Enhancements

Enhancements can be added to any type of drug charge, including possession, trafficking and manufacturing. In California, sentence enhancements can be added for the following reasons:

  • The quantities of drugs or narcotics involved
  • Firearms used or possessed in the commission of a drug crime
  • Drug offenses involving children
  • Proximity to schools
  • Multiple offenses and/or prior convictions

Defending Against Enhancements

As with any drug charge, the first defense challenge is to the underlying offense itself. However, in order to minimize the penalty for a potential conviction, you must work to fight the enhancements as well.

The attorneys at Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP, will analyze the proveability of any enhancement and move to strike it where the law and facts of the case permit. Every case is different, so it is important to have both the expertise and reputation of a good lawyer evaluating and fighting the enhancement.

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