Vigorous Defense From Our Attorneys In Pleasanton, California

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Government prosecutors can afford to pour nearly unlimited resources into a particular case. If you have been arrested, have been charged or suspect that you might be under investigation for a criminal offense, you need a similar level of legal resources on your side.

Without proper representation, you may struggle to have your voice heard in the criminal justice system. Let us help you.

Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP, in Livermore, California, delivers professional, courteous and vigorous representation, all with the proven experience necessary to get results. Learn more by contacting us for a free initial consultation.

Vigorous Defense Against Misdemeanor And Felony Charges

Since 1982, our founding attorney, Timothy B. Rien, has provided aggressive criminal defense representation against felony and misdemeanor charges, ranging from highly complex death penalty litigation and life-term three-strike cases to DUI cases and misdemeanor traffic offenses.

Every client we represent is provided:

  • Respectful, courteous, professional and nonjudgmental representation: We take great pride in protecting the life and liberty of ordinary citizens facing criminal charges. We are here to help you put these criminal law challenges behind you.
  • A team of exceptional attorneys and legal staff: With his experience as an educator at police training academies, and as a former deputy district attorney and judge, Mr. Rien has the rare benefit of having seen criminal cases from every perspective. He knows how to build a strong criminal defense, and how to effectively present that defense in court — and he has been doing so for more than three decades.
  • A willingness to devote our attention to you: Available for our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, someone from the firm's experienced staff will answer your questions and explain the often confusing processes of the criminal courts. You will know the status of your case, what options are available and what creative legal strategies are being employed to improve your chance of success.
  • Skill in negotiations and in court: No two cases are the same. Some clients face consequences like sex offender registration. Others are primarily concerned about fines or incarceration in prison or county jail. We will take whatever steps necessary to mitigate such consequences through the negotiation of reduced charges or sentences or through aggressive pursuit of not guilty verdicts in court.

Whether you have been arrested or you believe you are under investigation, the firm will provide you with tenacious representation. We will prepare your case thoroughly and relentlessly test the strength of the prosecution's case.


At Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP, an experienced legal team is ready to answer your questions and help you protect your rights. Contact them today to schedule a free initial consultation.

From its office in Livermore, the firm serves throughout the Bay Area and surrounding parts of Northern California.