Defense Against Sex Crime Charges In The Bay Area

Having a criminal record of any kind can lead to obstacles in your personal life. Sex crime accusations or convictions are perhaps the most challenging in this respect. The social stigma of being a convicted sex offender influences (and typically limits) your employment opportunities and where you can live. It can even change relationships with your friends and family.

At Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP, we believe every client deserves respect and due process in the criminal justice system. This means you are innocent until proven guilty and your rights need to be upheld every step of the way.

Whether you were charged with a sex crime against an adult or a minor, we are here to help. Contact our office in Livermore, California, to arrange a free initial consultation and learn more about your options.

Defense Options When Accused Of A Sex Crime

Charges may have been brought against you, but that does not mean you have to give in to the criminal justice system. There are ways to fight back, protect your reputation and your future.

  • Proving allegations are false: Many sex crime accusations arise out of known relationships. For example, the alleged victim may be a minor child whose family you know. He or she may even be your current boyfriend or girlfriend. In some of these cases, the alleged victim and his or her family may be motivated to bring false charges against you. We can help uncover why this is happening so that your name can be cleared.
  • Challenging evidence: Assertions about your location and DNA evidence can be particularly incriminating when prosecutors bring charges against you. Such evidence is not always a reliable indication of criminal activity. We can help suppress evidence that was unlawfully gathered by law enforcement and investigators, and we can ensure that misleading evidence is properly discussed in trial.
  • Negotiating reduced charges or sentences: Even if the charges against you cannot be dismissed entirely, we can help mitigate the consequences by pursuing reduced charges or sentences. This can involve negotiating plea agreements or demonstrating a commitment to rehabilitative or alternative sentencing programs. We understand when these options are likely to be your best option, and we can advise on which route to take in your defense.

Talk To An Attorney First

It may be tempting to try to reason with the alleged victim when you have been accused of a crime. You may feel compelled to tell the police more information than you should. Remember that talking without an attorney present can lead to incriminating evidence against you.

Call or email our office before you make any big decisions or share information with other parties. We can listen during a confidential consultation and give you the straightforward counsel you need.