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California man accused of 'road rage' assault, battery

Police arrested a man for assault with a deadly weapon as well as felony elder abuse after a traffic incident escalated into the realm of criminal law. The suspect allegedly followed an 83-year-old man home and assaulted him severely in his own garage. Police have labeled this reported incident of assault a "road rage rampage."

Authorities received a call on a recent morning and proceeded to a home in Northern California. Upon arrival, they found the victim in the garage with several injuries. One witness told police he tried to stop the assailant but was also attacked, and a second person told the authorities that the suspect fled in his car, only to come close to running over the witness.

The 33-year-old suspect apparently followed the elderly man home after an incident on the road and attacked him upon arrival. He was booked on criminal charges as the other man received medical treatment. The elderly man remains in stable condition. Shortly after booking the man, police learned that the same suspect had been arrested for battery when he entered a store and allegedly hit a patron in a rage about four days before the incident.

Someone accused of serious crimes such as felony assault or abuse would likely benefit from the advice provided by a trustworthy criminal defense lawyer. A suspect's rights can easily be violated by police who are eager to assume that they know the facts of a case even before conducting a thorough investigation. In any case, the accused man has the right to a fair trial and evidence presented in his defense, regardless of reports that may assume his guilt.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "'Road rage rampage' suspect followed, beat elderly man, cops say," Nov. 12, 2012

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