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Child pornography found on doctor's computer

A 58-year-old Orange County doctor turned himself in to the police when an arrest warrant was issued in his name for sex crimes. He was charged with a count of felony possession of child pornography and released on a $50,000 bond.

The doctor is alleged to have images of children and teenagers who were engaging in sex acts. The files were stored on his work computer and were discovered by a computer technician who was installing new software on the office system. It is not believed that the doctor had any actual contact with the children in the pictures.

Downloading child pornography from the Internet is a crime that may carry fines, prison time and inclusion on a sex offender registry. Police have a variety of methods at their disposal once there is a suspicion of illegal activity. This includes seizing computers and undercover sting operations in Internet chat rooms. Even if no contact ever occurs, it is still generally a felony to possess pictures of children or minors engaging in sexual acts.

An attorney experienced in the defense of sex crimes may be able to arrange a plea to a lesser charge. This may be helpful in reducing fines or prison time. An attorney can also file motions to have the charges dismissed if, for example, the evidence was obtained in an illegal manner or if it can be proven the defendant had no knowledge of the files on his computer. Dismissal of the charges may result the defendant not being included on the sexual offenders list.

Source:, NBCNEWs.com,"Cops: Orange County doctor arrested over child pornography on computer", Jane Yamanmoto, Dec. 12, 2012

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