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February 2013 Archives

Alameda woman faces accessory to murder charges

The complex case surrounding the death of a Monte Sereno businessman continues to move toward a trial. Four people are currently accused of involvement in his death during a home invasion last year. The newest suspect, a 22-year-old Alameda woman, is charged as an accessory to murder. She pleaded not guilty to the charges on Feb. 14 and is being held on a $1 million bond.It is believed the businessman died of asphyxiation after being gagged and blindfolded during the course of the home invasion on Nov. 30, 2012. The Santa Clara County District Attorney is using this as the basis for saying the actions of the accused parties caused the businessman's death. The other three suspects are facing a variety of felony counts, including murder, false imprisonment and robbery.

Man faces DUI charges after motorcycle accident

On the evening of Feb. 3, a 27-year-old Millbrae man hit two cars and lost control of his motorcycle while speeding on Highway 280. He lost control of the motorcycle after he hit the second car and sustained serious injuries. He has been hospitalized and is facing DUI charges. The man swerved out of his lane while going south on 280 and hit the back of a Subaru traveling in the same direction and then swerved again and hit the rear of a Toyota. That impact caused the man to lose control of the motorcycle, and his passenger was also thrown from the bike and taken to the hospital with scrapes and complaints of pain.

Explosion at hotel linked to drug manufacturing

A 21-year-old man was critically injured in an explosion when he lit a cigarette and ignited the fumes from a butane torch he was using. The incident occurred at a residency hotel in San Diego located near Sea World. A 20-year-old woman in the room was also seriously injured. Police initially suspected the two were manufacturing methamphetamine, but it appears the butane torch was being used on marijuana in an effort to extract hashish oil. The couple may be facing drug charges. The explosion was large. It blew out walls and windows in the building and flames and smoke were seen billowing from the roof. Guests reported seeing a man rushing down a hall in flames. Another male in the building suffered burns and a concussion.

Man returns to California to face murder charges

A 40-year-old Cocolalla man was extradited and returned to California from another state on a warrant involving first-degree murder charges. He is being held without bond in San Bernardino County. The man is accused of killing two men in 1995 whose remains have never been found. The crime is alleged to have happened when the extradited man and an accomplice offered to sell ephedrine to the two missing men. Ephedrine is an ingredient used to make methamphetamine, and it is contended that selling them the drug was actually a ruse to rob the two men. Since the two were never seen after they left to meet with the extradited man and his accomplice, it is alleged that he and his partner killed them.

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