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Man could face jail for helping to plan assaults and murders

A California man could face life in prison if he is convicted of the gang related assault and murder charges to which he pleaded guilty. His alleged crimes are related to a racketeering conspiracy related to a powerful Latino Northern California prison gang. As part of his cooperation with authorities, he admitted that he took part in various gang crimes because he was directed to do so by leaders incarcerated in California prisons.

The gang with which the accused man was associated is deeply involved in violent crimes and drug trafficking out on the streets. The defendant claims that he supported the gang by moving money into incarcerated gang members' accounts. He also told authorities that gang members in prison authorized members on the outside to commit violent acts against anyone who sided with rival gangs or cooperated with the authorities.

The man is one of 11 people to plead guilty in this case. The case is part of a larger operation aimed at apprehending members and supporters of the dangerous gang. Several law enforcement agencies are involved in the project, including police in four California cities. The project appears to be an intensive effort by authorities to stop gang violence, because they have apprehended quite a few suspects.

People who face charges related to violent crime, including assault and murder, need a tough defense attorney who may be able to lessen or dismiss charges by negotiating with the prosecution. The legal process in California can be intimidating for many people; however, strong representation by a knowledgeable and experienced legal team may be of great benefit to those facing criminal charges involving prison, hefty fines, or both.

Source: Mercurynews, "Man please guilty to helping Northern California prison gang plan assaults and murders", Kristin J Bender, June 12, 2013

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