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July 2013 Archives

Former San Francisco lab tech sentenced for drug charges

A former technician for the San Francisco crime lab has been sentenced regarding misdemeanor drug charges. The 63-year-old laboratory technician had resigned from the crime lab in 2009 following almost 30 years of service to the laboratory. According to reports, the former technician had admitted to taking small quantities of cocaine from the lab throughout her tenure there.

California man arrested for driving a tour bus while drunk

The authorities arrested a California man for allegedly driving a San Francisco tour bus while he was intoxicated. The San Bruno resident now faces criminal charges, including DUI. The 60-year-old man was driving a San Francisco Deluxe Tour Bus when the authorities arrested him. The arrest occurred at approximately 1:15 p.m. near Stockton and Post streets in San Francisco. Officials from the San Francisco Deluxe Tour Bus company have not made a statement about the arrest of the bus driver.

Companies market blood alcohol testers

People no longer have to be law enforcement officials to be able to use blood alcohol testers. In 2013, companies began to develop low-cost devices that test blood alcohol levels, which could be available as early as September. Individuals in different states, including California, could purchase these devices. Some equipment can be attached to mobile devices. Along with information on their blood alcohol levels, drinkers can often get information on restaurants to go to eat after a night of drinking from some devices. These pieces of equipment have the potential to help people to know when they have reached blood alcohol levels over the legal limit, stopping them from drunk driving. They could also cause individuals to try to monitor their blood alcohol levels to try to stay below the legal limit in case they are pulled over by police officers.

California man sentenced to 151 months in prison for drug charges

A California resident has been sentenced to 151 months in prison in connection to charges of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and being in possession of a firearm. According to the California Highway Patrol, the officers first noticed the man speeding in his vehicle. Once the man had stopped in a driveway the California Highway Patrol pulled their vehicle up near him.

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