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Registered sex offender charged with kidnapping woman

A California man was charged with allegedly kidnapping a woman from a retail store parking lot in Antioch. According to a prosecutor, the charges are related to multiple alleged sex crimes, as it was alleged that the man, who is already a registered sex offender, kidnapped the woman in order to sexually assault her.

According to the report, the man attempted to kidnap a woman in the store's parking lot. The woman, however, was able to escape in her car. She notified the police of the attempt several hours later. The man was allegedly able to kidnap a second woman, however. He then drove her to different locations where he allegedly sexually assaulted her. The woman was able to escape from the man's vehicle approximately eight hours later. She reported the crime to police from a nearby home.

The man was taken into police custody the day after the incident occurred. According to the police, he was involved in another incident and had pulled out a gun when officer apprehended him. He was identified as the woman's assailant. He is currently being held on a $1.4 million bond.

The state of California takes sexual assault very seriously. Those who are convicted on sex-related charges may face severe punishments, including a jail sentence. In addition, they may be required to register as a sex offender, which may affect where the individual can live, their ability to be employed and even the purchase of real estate. An experienced California attorney may be able to create a strong defense for their client against these life-changing charges. For example, the attorney may launch his or her own investigation into the charges to determine the best course of action for their client.

Source: KTVU San Francisco, "Antioch sex offender charged in Kmart kidnapping", August 09, 2013

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