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November 2013 Archives

Gang members convicted of murder in California bar mass shooting

Two Alameda County gang members were convicted of two murders and multiple counts of attempted murder on Nov. 20 for a 2011 mass shooting at an Oakland bar. The pair was found guilty on all 16 felony charges against them, which included enhancements for aggravating circumstances of gang crimes and mass murder. The men, ages 24 and 25, reportedly showed no emotion as the jury verdict was read. They received life in prison without the possibility of parole after their sentencing in February.

California woman's murder results in 122-year prison sentence

A 27-year-old California man smiled and laughed during his sentencing following his trial for murder, disheartening the prosecutor and family of the 20-year-old woman who had been shot dead. When given the opportunity to say something to the court as well as family members of the deceased, he thanked his own family for supporting him. After that, he was led away to serve 122 years in prison.

California gang member sentenced in triple murder

A gang member was convicted on several charges including three racketeering murders and has been sentenced in federal court, in San Francisco, to five life sentences. In July, he pleaded guilty to 25 counts, which included firearms violations, robbery, attempted murder, murder conspiracy, racketeering conspiracy and the three murders.

Drug tunnel discovered on California-Mexico border

Authorities say they have discovered a large tunnel that connects the U.S. to Mexico that would have been used for smuggling drugs across the border. The lengthy tunnel was fully built with electrical fixings and a rail system. It was considered to be a sophisticated system for trafficking drugs.

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