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January 2014 Archives

3 gang members facing murder charges

Living the life of a gang member can often mean trying to stay one step ahead of those who are looking for you. For some alleged California gang members, what seems like retaliation against another gang has led to criminal charges being filed. All three alleged gang members have been charged with violent crimes.

Appeal court ruling says county sex offender ban unconstitutional

Being convicted of any sex offense in California has some serious consequences under the best of circumstances. For sex offenders living in Orange County, those consequences have been much more serious. That, however, might be changing thanks to a ruling by a panel of California appeal court judges.

Alleged gang members face 17-count indictment

Gang crimes can carry serious penalties, and defending these cases requires a thorough understanding of the charges and laws involved, as 10 alleged members of a San Francisco gang are now finding out. The gang at the center of the case, Central Divisadero Playas, is known in the Fillmore and Western Addition neighborhoods.

German tourist killed in Union Square

A 21-year-old California man, who was wanted in connection with the death of a German tourist in 2010, was found in Hayward, and U.S. Marshals were able to take him into custody. The shooting, which is believed to be a gang crime, occurred outside a comedy club near Union Square. The alleged gang members were fighting outside the venue, and at least one of them opened fire. The German woman, who was a bystander, was killed.

California couple charged after shooting inquest

On Dec. 25, a 30-year-old man was discovered shot to death at a home near Upper Lake. According to reports, the homeowner called authorities to let them know that he had shot an intruder after the man tried to force his way into the house. The man who attempted the break-in had previous criminal records for theft, battery, violation of probation, terrorist threats and elder abuse, and police from the Lake County Sheriff's Office said that the man's body was found with a fake gun.

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