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February 2014 Archives

California teacher admits to illegal sexual conduct with students

For some teachers, the best way to reach students is to get close to those students. There are some instances in which a teacher getting close to students might go a little too far. In those cases, the teacher might make the students feel uncomfortable, which might lead to the students seeking advice from another adult. One teacher in California has admitted to molesting two boys in her class. She also admits to sexting the boys.

California crash kills 6, driver chaged with DUI and manslaughter

Making appropriate choices and paying attention to what is going on around a vehicle are part of what makes a responsible driver. There are some instances in which even making the best decisions and paying attention to what is going on around the vehicle won't prevent an accident. For one woman in California, getting into a vehicle accident resulted in her facing serious charges.

Traffic stop in California lead to drug charges

Anyone who is traveling on the public roadways must ensure the vehicle they are driving is legal. Anything that isn't up to par might lead to a traffic stop by police. When police stop a vehicle for traffic violations, they sometimes notice other issues that must be addressed. For one 52-year-old man, driving on Interstate 8 without taillights lead to a police stop that resulted in the man being arrested on drug charges in California.

California sanitation official accused of white collar crimes

The former general manager for the Ross Valley Sanitary District is facing nine felony counts for a number of different crimes, including embezzlement, money laundering and misappropriation of public money. If he is found guilty of these white collar crimes, he could end up serving a maximum 10-year prison sentence as well as paying fines of up to $1.5 million. Eleven search warrants were served to gather and inspect emails and bank records that could be used by the prosecution.

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