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April 2014 Archives

DUI conviction reversed because wrong law was read to arrestee

Did you know that if you are arrested for drunk driving in a national park then you are subject to federal and not state law? If you didn’t, then you’re not the only one because not only did a man accused of drunk driving not know this, but neither did the park rangers who arrested him in 2011.

Should a law-abiding citizen have to pay for a clerical error?

Although criminal laws differ from state to state, there is sort of a universal system that most people across the nation, including here in California, understand. Generally speaking, an accused person often stands trial and has a chance to argue their case. If the trial results in a conviction, then the accused person relies on the court to execute the sentencing guidelines handed down by the judge.

California man accused of killing his estranged wife

Even if you have never been accused of murder, you can probably imagine how terrifying such an accusation could be. This is especially true if you are being accused of killing a loved one such as a spouse. Unfortunately, a 49-year-old California man is learning this the hard way this month because of charges that were brought against him recently concerning his wife.

Bond for teen allegedly involved in beating seen as 'excessive'

As many of our California readers know, bail can be set sometimes in trials, even if the crime is considered to be a violent one. This can even happen in cases of assault, though our readers should keep in mind that this doesn't happen all the time. But even though bail is sometimes offered, this does not always mean that those accused will agree with the amount that is set. Sometimes, a person may even feel as if the amount is excessive in nature because it does not fit the crime or does not show leniency to a person who has been cooperative with police.

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