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June 2014 Archives

YouTube video leads to arrest and drug charges

There are a lot of warnings nowadays from legal experts who tell people to be careful about what they put online. From Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, law enforcement agencies across the nation, including here in California, are looking to these sites now more than ever for evidence that can be used in criminal cases. And sometimes, what you think might be an innocent posting could leave you facing serious charges later on.

Man accused of tax evasion proves rights violation to court

For most people, it isn’t until we are facing criminal charges that we realize how important our constitutional rights are. That’s because, as many of our California readers already know, it’s just as important for law enforcement to protect a person’s rights as it is for a person to follow state and federal laws.

Drug charges levied against men after routine traffic stop

There is no shortage of examples in the media of arrests for drug crimes. In some cases, a person is arrested because they are seen by police allegedly dealing drugs. Sometimes they are arrested because they had been watched during a police investigation and now face drug possession charges. In other cases, people have been arrested because of tips or undercover investigations.

Are colleges denying students rights in sexual assault cases?

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It’s a saying we all know and apply to many situations, especially in criminal cases. Many of us also know that we have the right to an attorney when facing criminal charges and have the right to a fair trial where the burden of proof lies on the accuser not the accused. These are rights we are grateful to have, even if we rarely find ourselves in need of them.

California man wanted by FBI for supposedly having explosives

It’s not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to withhold information when reporting on open cases. While this is often done to protect the rights of the individual who is being accused of criminal activity as well as to maintain the integrity of the investigation, what information is released to the media can leave a lot open to interpretation.

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