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July 2014 Archives

What penalties can a DUI charge lead to?

Most people here in California try very hard to keep a clean criminal record their entire life. But as so many of our readers know from personal experience, everyone makes mistakes -- even ones that can lead to criminal charges.

Can you refuse a Breathalyzer in California?

Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer because they thought you were intoxicated behind the wheel? Because most people do not know all of the subtle nuances of the law, they may not know what to do during a traffic stop. What rights do you have? Could you get in trouble if you do not comply with the officer’s requests?

Judge: Criminal charges should be dropped against California man

Law enforcement authorities will often go to great lengths, and utilize very aggressive tactics, to charge someone with a criminal offense. As the stakes in their efforts get higher, they may make some questionable -- and sometimes legally suspect -- decisions to try and get what they want. And when the federal agencies are at the center of these efforts, there can be large amounts of money, resources and the reputation of officers involved.

Mentorship in Richmond provides opportunities to avoid crime

There are probably a number of our readers who have thought about the justice system and asked: what is the purpose of a criminal sentence? While the obvious answer says that a criminal sentence is designed to deter someone from committing a crime, some have argued that it may not fulfill this purpose every time. In some cases, alternative methods can be more successful at preventing someone from becoming a repeat offender.

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