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November 2014 Archives

2 men accused of robbing person in front of 7-Eleven

Police in California surrounded a home on Nov. 17 before detaining two men who were reportedly hiding inside. Police claim that the two 24-year-old men had just committed violent crimes near a convenience store in South San Jose. The men were booked at Santa Clara County jail for charges of making criminal threats and brandishing a weapon.

What are the penalties for murder?

In California, the unlawful killing of another person is considered either manslaughter or murder. Under California state law, a murder can be either a first-degree or second-degree murder. To qualify as a first-degree murder, a prosecutor must prove that the murder was premeditated or that there was some type of malice aforethought. Murders that occur due to self-defense or that were not premeditated do not meet this threshold.

Ice cream truck driver arrested for DUI in Santa Rosa

California Highway Patrol troopers stationed in Sonoma County apparently responded along with Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies to a gas station in Santa Rosa on Oct. 31. The agencies were responding to a call made by a gas station clerk who reported a possible drunk driver in the parking lot.

Drug possession under California law

The potential penalties differ in California for drug possession charges, depending on whether the person is charged with simple possession or possession with intent to sell. Possession of marijuana also have their own separate category of potential penalties than those for other drugs.

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