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February 2015 Archives

Operation Snake Eyes results in sentencing in California

An operation called Operation Snake Eyes began on March 12, 2013, and lasted six months in California. It targeted Salinas Valley street gangs and resulted in a major concentrated effort to take apart the leadership organization of the gangs.

A minor traffic infraction leads to charges of pimping

According to a recent report, a routine traffic stop in Northern California resulted in several arrests. One of the cases included allegations of pimping. The report stated that a Honda Accord was stopped for allegedly traveling at an unsafe speed. The vehicle held five occupants. The driver reportedly did not have a license, and one of the passengers was apparently on probation.

Fighting drunk driving charges in California

Motorists in California convicted of drunk driving may face severe penalties, and even first time offenders may face jail time in certain situations. However, proving such charges beyond any reasonable doubt can sometimes be challenging for prosecutors, and criminal defense attorneys may closely scrutinize police accounts of the events and the manner in which intoxication has been established when advocating on behalf of a motorist who has been accused of driving drunk.

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