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March 2015 Archives

Massive California bust of street gang nets 24 arrests

Authorities say that they have arrested 24 gang members who operated with a complex hierarchy that involved gang money making its way into California state prisons. All of the alleged gang members have been indicted and will be going on trial. Allegedly, these gang members were selling drugs and extorting "protection money" out of merchants. Operation "Red October" resulted in the arrest of two dozen California residents accused of being gang members who supposedly answered to inmates known as "Generals" from hundreds of miles away.

Defenses against charges of drunk driving

California drunk driving laws carry tough penalties, as they are designed to keep the roads safe for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Penalties can include driver's license suspension, fines and jail time. A charge of drunk driving is not proof of guilt, however, and charges can be fought. There are several types of defenses that can be mounted against drunk driving charges.

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