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May 2015 Archives

Authorities charge 14 people for allegedly transporting drugs

According to sources, California law enforcement authorities have charged 14 people in connection with an alleged scheme to transport drugs thoughout the country by bypassing airport security in Oakland. Reportedly, the alleged conspiracy occurred over a three-year period and involved baggage handlers and drug couriers.

Researchers say fingerprints can be tested for cocaine use

People in California who are charged with offenses involving cocaine may soon have their fingerprints tested rather than their saliva, blood or urine. A new technique for drug testing was recently developed by researchers in the Netherlands and Great Britain and described in the scientific journal Analyst.

Defenses to an involuntary manslaughter charge in California

A California resident may face an involuntary manslaughter charge when accused of causing the unintentional death of another individual during the commission of a non-felony crime or while engaging in lawful but reckless behavior. To prove their case, prosecutors must establish that the accused individual knew, or would have reason to know, that their actions were dangerous. While it is not necessary for a prosecutor to establish an intent to kill or cause harm in an involuntary manslaughter case, it must be shown that the defendant intended to commit the underlying crime.

Defendants have options for assault and battery defenses

When a person is charged with assault or battery, they may have some options for fighting the charges, but these defenses have certain stipulations. The details of an incident can influence whether a defendant is able to use certain defenses. A judge will often look at a defendant's role in an altercation when deciding if an argument applies.

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