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July 2015 Archives

46 nonviolent drug offenders to be released from prison early

California residents might have heard about the commutations that President Obama has been issuing for nonviolent drug offenders. The president issued 46 new commutations on July 13 for people who would have already served their sentences if they had have been convicted of the same drug charges today, according to the White House.

California drug house is shut down

A drug house in the eastern part of San Diego County has been shut down by public health officials. Multiple people were apprehended on narcotics charges including possession of drug paraphernalia and controlled substances intended for sale. Police said the owner of the house will be charged with operating a drug house.

Subway and Fogle suspend relationship over child porn raid

Many California residents have likely heard that Subway has announced the suspension of its relationship with longtime spokesman Jared Fogle after the company learned he was the target of an investigation centered on child pornography. In a statement, Subway said the decision was "mutually agreed" upon and that Fogle is cooperating with authorities.

Ruling could lead to changes in sex offender program

Legislators in California and around the country often face challenges as they balance the rights of incarcerated people with the need to protect the public. A Minnesota judge is facing such an issue as sex offenders in the state who are detained in a treatment program deal with potential violations of their rights. The judge in the case has noted that the program in question has never completely discharged any participants. Given the 20-year existence of the program and the high costs, the judge has demanded that state lawmakers find a solution that will protect the rights of those who have been held in connection with this program.

SCOTUS rules vague sentencing law phrase unconstitutional

California residents are likely aware of recent important decisions made by the U.S. Supreme Court. While a great deal of media attention has been given to landmark rulings concerning gay marriage and the Affordable Care Act, a June 1 decision by the court in a case involving the Armed Career Criminal Act has gone relatively unnoticed. The justices voted overwhelmingly that a catchall phrase in the federal sentencing law was unconstitutional.

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