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December 2015 Archives

Harsher prosecutions on the way for workplace safety violators

Two departments of the federal government have announced their intention to prosecute violations of workplace safety in California and around the country with much greater harshness. This new emphasis on prosecution will be the strongest in cases where a worker has been injured, sickened or killed.

U.S. Supreme Court to hear breath test cases

California law requires motorists to submit to a toxicology test only after they have been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but some states have laws that allow police officers to demand a breath test based upon their suspicion that motorists are intoxicated. These implied consent laws have generally withstood judicial scrutiny, but some observers feel that this may change in the near future after the U.S. Supreme Court announced on Dec. 10 that it would hear arguments concerning the constitutionality of laws that make the refusal to take such a test a separate crime.

Foreign officials will receive federal drug charges

A recent report may be of interest to California residents. Federal prosecutors in New York are reportedly getting ready to charge two high-ranking Venezuela officials with trafficking drugs from that country into the United States. The federal prosecutors intend to charge two generals. One of the targets is the head of the Venezuelan National Guard, while the other serves as a general within that organization.

Benefits of reducing youth incarcerations

While many California residents would agree that incarceration is necessary when a juvenile offender poses a serious threat to society, there might be differences of opinion over how important incarceration is for less serious offenses. Statistics in recent years indicate that there may be many positive outcomes when incarceration is limited for young offenders. Although there is not a national policy addressing youth incarceration, recent trends and statistics shed a positive light on finding alternatives to serving time when possible.

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