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January 2016 Archives

False confessions linked to controversial police tactic

California residents may find it hard to understand why innocent individuals would confess to crimes that they did not commit. Media reports about wrongly convicted individuals being released after lengthy periods of imprisonment often feature accounts of intensive police interrogations that yielded false confessions, and psychologists who have studied the phenomenon have generally concluded that police tactics designed to wear down stubborn suspects are often to blame.

When intoxication can be a defense to a crime

An intoxicated person who commits a crime in California might be able to wage an effective criminal defense if the intoxication was involuntary. Consuming an intoxicating substance involuntarily could occur under a number of circumstances. The substance could be forced upon a person by another party, or the person took it without knowing or understanding what the substance was.

DA will not charge Lamar Odom with drug possession

California NBA fans may be surprised to hear that Lamar Odom will not be charged with drug possession stemming from his highly publicized overdose incident at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Since the incident, Mr. Odom has been going through treatment in Southern California.

Priviliged relationships in criminal judicial proceedings

California residents facing criminal charges are able to speak openly with their lawyers because communication between defense attorneys and their clients is privileged. This protection is in place to ensure that the accused are able to mount an effective defense. While this form of protected communication is widely known, communication between spouses and doctors or psychotherapists and their patients are also considered privileged by federal and most state courts.

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