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California drunken driving deaths not reduced by ride sharing

Though ride-sharing companies like Uber claim that they help to reduce drunk drivers, a recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology contradicts this claim. The study shows that, when adjusting for other factors, the introduction of these ride-sharing applications has not made any change to the number of drunken driving deaths that occur every year. This study examined traffic deaths involving alcohol in 100 metropolitan areas across the country.

The study's authors suggested that many people are not thinking clearly after drinking and believe that the low risk of being caught driving while intoxicated does not merit paying somebody for a ride home. This study contradicts earlier studies that showed a reduction in drunken driving since the advent of ride sharing, but many of these studies did not account for other factors, including increased alcohol taxes and additional legislation against drinking and driving.

According to Uber, 80 percent of its users claim that its services have helped them to avoid driving drunk. Nonetheless, one of the authors of the study noted that something to take away from the study was that drunken driving fatalities can still be greatly reduced.

When somebody is facing a drunken driving charge, an attorney may be able to provide valuable advice and assistance throughout the process. Most states will suspend driving privileges and order large fines. The state may also require defensive driving classes and even jail time, depending on the situation. An attorney could explain possible outcomes from the case and advise the driver on what actions to take in court. The attorney could also request any evidence that the police obtained illegally be excluded from the court records.

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