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Ongoing California gang feud in Fairfield leads to 1 death

According to court documents filed by a Fairfield Police Department detective, an ongoing feud between two gangs in Fairfield led to the death of one 16-year-old boy and another being injured. Officers report that the 16-year-old who died and his assailant belonged to rival gangs.

The young man's death happened on July 31 in the parking lot at the Bennington Apartments on North Texas Street. Police said that the feud has continued since that time, and they allege that a gunfight between the two gangs that happened on Sept. 24 resulted in 40 shots fired and a 16-year-old boy being injured.

In the Sept. 24 incident, police said that a gang shot at a home on Quail Drive. Its rival gang then reportedly fired back, damaging a home on Cormorant Drive and injuring a boy. Police said the injured boy is a gang member. The young man who is charged with shooting the boy on July 31 remains in custody in juvenile detention. He is reportedly being prosecuted as an adult.

Minors who are accused of gang crimes may be charged as adults in some cases. When they are, they will be prosecuted in adult court and face adult prison time instead of juvenile incarceration. People who are charged may want to get help from a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in defending against gang crime allegations. A lawyer might be able to fight to keep the client's matter in juvenile court. The attorney may also be able to negotiate a plea to help the client avoid a long sentence. In some cases, a lawyer may be able to have criminal charges dismissed.

Source: Daily Republic, "Court records describe violent Fairfield gang feud," Jess Sullivan, Oct. 15, 2016.

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