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November 2016 Archives

NFL Rams cornerback Troy Hill charged for DUI

California Highway Patrol arrested Los Angeles Rams football player Troy Hill on suspicion of DUI after he was allegedly involved in a crash on the 101 Freeway on Nov. 19. The accident occurred shortly before 8 a.m. on the westbound side of the 101 Freeway near Haskell Avenue. Authorities say Hill swerved to the right side of the roadway and struck a big rig with his white Mercedes Benz.

New marijuana laws highlight need for new roadside tests

Authorities in California and around the country have a seemingly comprehensive arsenal of laws, equipment and protocols in place for identifying and removing from the roadway those drivers who operate motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. As the legal use of marijuana becomes more widespread, however, states are finding that the methodology involved in determining whether a marijuana user is driving while impaired is not so clear-cut.

Doughnut glaze confused for meth by police

Californians might be interested in a case that was recently filed in Florida against the city of Orlando and a drug testing company. According to court documents, a man filed a lawsuit against both the testing company and the city after he was falsely accused and arrested for allegedly possessing methamphetamine.

3 ways a DUI can ruin your life

There's one night you've looked forward to for months. It's not date night or your birthday or the premiere of the new Gilmore Girls revival. It's girls' night. The kids are at home with your significant other or a babysitter, and you get to unwind and catch up. While the location and activity may vary, there's often one common denominator for all girls' nights - adult beverages.

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