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Synthetic drugs may result in California charges

In an effort to keep from being arrested for creating illegal substances, some people create compounds using different ingredients but produce the same result as illegal drugs. The idea is that if a certain chemical compound isn't considered illegal, a person should be able to make it without running afoul of the law. This sometimes works in the short run, but laws are frequently passed to make previously legal substances illegal.

Even if someone is found in possession of, creating or selling a substance that hasn't officially been designated illegal, the person in question may still be taken into custody and even charged with a crime. This is because it is not always immediately apparent that a substance has not yet been made illegal, and lab testing is often required to determine this.

In the meantime, law enforcement may go forward as if the substance in question is illegal. Further, someone may still face charges even if a substance isn't found to be illegal yet because selling substances designed to imitate the effects of an illegal substance is against the law.

If someone is facing charges for drug possession or manufacturing, it is important that they understand their legal rights. While owning, producing or selling many types of drugs may be against the law, it is up to the state to prove someone's guilt, but they must do so without infringing on the individual's rights. For example, should law enforcement have failed to collect evidence in the legally prescribed manner, it may result in someone's charges being dismissed. A lawyer could help a person facing charges understand what their charges mean and potential penalties as well as assisting them in determining if law enforcement acted appropriately.

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