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Truck driver accused of transporting large quantity of heroin

On Dec. 1, California Highway Patrol officers stopped a truck driver who was driving to Canada and charged him with possession and transportation of narcotics. According to a CHP officer, the incident began at around 8 a.m. when the truck driver was pulled over for speeding along northbound Interstate 15 in Hesperia.

The CHP officer told local news reporters that the truck driver displayed suspicious indicators including nervousness. A K-9 dog was taken to inspect the tractor-trailer, and the dog alerted officers that it smelled narcotics. When the trailer was searched, officers discovered what they believed to be approximately 100 kilograms of heroin mixed in with other cargo that was being transported. The alleged heroin was valued at about $11 million.

Following the traffic stop, the truck was taken to Victorville where its contents were unloaded. The CHP officer told reporters that he had never seized such a large quantity of heroin in his 29-year career. He said that finding 100 kilograms of heroin is very rare. The officer did not make any comments about whether investigators are looking for any other individuals who they suspect might be involved with the alleged drug transportation activities.

Commercial truck drivers who have been charged with drug trafficking might argue that they did not know what was in the back of their truck before it was searched by law enforcement officers. Tractor-trailers are often loaded and unloaded by other workers while the truck driver takes a rest break in between deliveries, and this might be a strategy that a criminal defense attorney could employ.

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