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Man detained for transportation of "synthetic heroin"

A 26-year-old California man has been detained on charges related to possession and transporting narcotics for sale. The man was taken into custody after undercover agents agreed to buy two kilos of what was allegedly synthetic heroin.

Agents pulled over the man's car while he was en route to Fresno. Since the agents did not know what the substance was that they found hidden in a secret compartment in his car, they donned HAZMAT suits for removal.

A government lab tested the drugs. The substance was a mix of ketamine and despropionyl fentanyl. According to the sheriff's office, there were 4.4 pounds that could have been cut about 100 times for a $6.8 million street value. The man is being held on a $235,000 bail.

Drug charges may carry severe penalties, and when they include manufacturing or distributing, the stakes may be even higher. People who are facing drug charges, whether it is a relatively minor possession charge or one of the more serious charges, may want to talk to an attorney about how they will approach their defense. An attorney might look at how the case was investigated, how evidence was obtained and how the defendant was treated when being taken into custody. If the defendant's rights were violated at any stage, evidence might be dismissed or the entire case could be dropped. If the charges are serious and the evidence appears to be strong, the defendant might want to consider an agreement with the prosecutor that would involve entering a guilty plea in exchange for a lighter penalty.

Source: KFSN, "$6.8M in 'synthetic heroin' seized in Fresno County drug bust", May 19, 2017

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