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Prison gang busted by authorities

A three-year investigation has led the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's Security Threat Group to arrest several Mexican prison gang members. The gang reaches far beyond the prison and into the San Diego community. Drug possession, selling drugs and extortion contribute to gang profits.

Aside from drug trafficking, the group was also accused of extortion, torture, assault and murder. The violent tendencies of the group were used as a strategy to intimidate victims. The gang utilized email, mail and telephone communication to run their operation. While some of the telephone communication came from cell phones that had been smuggled into the prison, much of it came from the phones that prisoners are allowed to use at the prison.

Authorities are prosecuting 20 gang members, including two major leaders of the drug operation. After the takedown, they confiscated heroin, meth, six guns, 23 cell phones and over $50,000 in cash from the prison rooms of the gang members. Members of the group were arraigned in court July 24. The District Attorney stated that the takedown also serves to remind the community that they are being protected from gangs.

Criminal charges that result from drug possession or the sale and distribution of drugs can lead to mandatory prison sentences. When a person has been suspected of a crime involving drug use or drug trafficking, they may want to discuss their case with a lawyer. A criminal defense attorney could help the client by formulating a legal plan that could reduce or eliminate charges.

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