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November 2017 Archives

Study shows that race strongly influences criminal sentencing

The bulging prison population in California illustrates the high incarceration rate within the United States, which has risen by 500 percent in 40 years. A study from the U.S Sentencing Commission revealed how race impacts the length of sentences. An analysis of sentencing data from 2012 to 2016 indicated that judges gave sentences to black men that were 19.1 percent longer than sentences for white men for the same crimes.

Drug take-back day: 5 tons of prescription drugs turned in

Many Californians are addicted to prescription drugs and may face criminal charges if they are caught in possession of medications that they aren't prescribed. In cases involving opiate medications, some people turn to illicit substances such as heroin in order to get high when the prescription drugs no longer work for them and because heroin might be cheaper.

Don't hold your breath. A bad breath test doesn't guarantee guilt

Yes, you read that right. If the breath test taken by the officer on the side of the road indicates you were legally intoxicated under California law, you still have options. Even though this breath test may provide a police officer with probable cause for your arrest, it does not mean that you face an automatic conviction for driving under the influence.

Study shows that blacks are treated worse than whites in court

In California, statistics have shown that black individuals are much more inclined to be charged with crimes despite the fact that they are no more likely to commit criminal offenses than white people are. A new study shows that this differential treatment of criminal defendants based on race extends to the treatment given to them by prosecutors and the courts within the criminal justice system.

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