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Were you accused of a hit-and-run?

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, these incidents are sometimes unavoidable. As a result, you may find yourself facing an incident where you crashed into a vehicle or other object and still ask yourself how it happened. Of course, you may find yourself asking more questions if you stand accused of leaving the scene of an accident.

When some accidents take place, the owner of the vehicle or other property may not be around. You may have wondered what to do in this type of situation and took steps that you thought were right in order to give the other party the opportunity to discuss the situation with you, but did you attend to your legal duties?

What to do after an accident

In your case, your vehicle may have collided with an unattended vehicle or perhaps you hit a mailbox or fence after your vehicle swerved off the road. With no one else around and adrenaline pumping through your veins, your mind may have been racing about what you should do. In terms of your responsibility in this instance, you should have taken reasonable steps to find the property owner.

If you hit someone's mailbox or other property, it may have been reasonable to go to the location associated with the mailbox, like a home or business, to see if you could find the owner. If that did not work out and other efforts to physically locate a person did not yield the desired results, you should have left a note with your identifying information at the scene of the incident.

In the event that you hit an unoccupied vehicle, you again should have made efforts to find the vehicle owner, and if unsuccessful, taken down the vehicle's information and left your own.

What to do if accused of a hit-and-run

You may have felt that you carried out these actions to the best of your ability, but someone else may have claimed that you simply left the scene. Unfortunately, this type of claim could result in your facing an accusation of leaving the scene of an accident, or a hit-and-run. If convicted of such a crime, you could face a traffic ticket at a minimum. However, as with any type of criminal charge, you have the right to defend against accusations.

While a traffic ticket may seem like no big deal, it can still have major impacts on your future. Additionally, if you know you took the steps to find the owner of the damaged property, it may be worth your while to maintain your innocence. If you are interested in gaining information on your defense options, you may wish to speak with an attorney.

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