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Massive California bust of street gang nets 24 arrests

Authorities say that they have arrested 24 gang members who operated with a complex hierarchy that involved gang money making its way into California state prisons. All of the alleged gang members have been indicted and will be going on trial. Allegedly, these gang members were selling drugs and extorting "protection money" out of merchants. Operation "Red October" resulted in the arrest of two dozen California residents accused of being gang members who supposedly answered to inmates known as "Generals" from hundreds of miles away.

Southern California drug bust detains multiple individuals

Multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to target a San Diego-area drug ring that forged stolen prescriptions for promethazine with codeine cough syrup. As a result of the operation, 20 individuals were taken into custody. Among the people detained during "Operation Purple Haze," 18 have reportedly pleaded guilty to charges that include prescription fraud and burglary.

Men arrested after canine unit discovers meth

Two men in California were arrested by agents with the U.S. Border Patrol after canine units trained to recognize drugs allegedly detected methamphetamine inside their vehicle on Aug. 21. According to U.S. Customs and Border officials, the traffic stop occurred around 2 a.m. after the two men inside a 2008 Chrysler Sebring were referred to a secondary inspection located at a checkpoint in San Clemente. The vehicle was driven by a 33-year-old man from Mexico, and there was a 22-year-old male passenger onboard as well.

YouTube video leads to arrest and drug charges

There are a lot of warnings nowadays from legal experts who tell people to be careful about what they put online. From Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, law enforcement agencies across the nation, including here in California, are looking to these sites now more than ever for evidence that can be used in criminal cases. And sometimes, what you think might be an innocent posting could leave you facing serious charges later on.

Drug charges levied against men after routine traffic stop

There is no shortage of examples in the media of arrests for drug crimes. In some cases, a person is arrested because they are seen by police allegedly dealing drugs. Sometimes they are arrested because they had been watched during a police investigation and now face drug possession charges. In other cases, people have been arrested because of tips or undercover investigations.

Traffic stop in California lead to drug charges

Anyone who is traveling on the public roadways must ensure the vehicle they are driving is legal. Anything that isn't up to par might lead to a traffic stop by police. When police stop a vehicle for traffic violations, they sometimes notice other issues that must be addressed. For one 52-year-old man, driving on Interstate 8 without taillights lead to a police stop that resulted in the man being arrested on drug charges in California.

California man faces drug charges

A California man faces a number of charges after a traffic stop on Oct. 6 led to the discovery of marijuana in his car. The 28-year-old Twin Peaks man was stopped by a California Highway Patrol officer shortly after 3 a.m. for suspicion of driving under the influence. During the stop the officer reportedly discovered an amount of marijuana in the man's car that exceeded the allowed amount for personal use. The man was arrested and taken to West Valley Detention Center where he faces driving under the influence charges as well as a number of drug charges, including possession of marijuana for sales, possession of marijuana and/or hashish for sales and possession of concentrated cannabis.

Pediatrician enters diversion program instead of being charged

A pediatrician was taken into police custody on suspicion of drug possession near a California festival. The pediatrician was pulled over by police for a traffic stop when police allegedly found the drugs. Police reportedly found MDMA, GHB and illegal mushrooms in the pediatrician's possession. The pediatrician was taken into custody, but he not charged with any crime in lieu of him entering a diversion program.

Former San Francisco lab tech sentenced for drug charges

A former technician for the San Francisco crime lab has been sentenced regarding misdemeanor drug charges. The 63-year-old laboratory technician had resigned from the crime lab in 2009 following almost 30 years of service to the laboratory. According to reports, the former technician had admitted to taking small quantities of cocaine from the lab throughout her tenure there.

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