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Bond for teen allegedly involved in beating seen as 'excessive'

As many of our California readers know, bail can be set sometimes in trials, even if the crime is considered to be a violent one. This can even happen in cases of assault, though our readers should keep in mind that this doesn't happen all the time. But even though bail is sometimes offered, this does not always mean that those accused will agree with the amount that is set. Sometimes, a person may even feel as if the amount is excessive in nature because it does not fit the crime or does not show leniency to a person who has been cooperative with police.

California man accused of 'road rage' assault, battery

Police arrested a man for assault with a deadly weapon as well as felony elder abuse after a traffic incident escalated into the realm of criminal law. The suspect allegedly followed an 83-year-old man home and assaulted him severely in his own garage. Police have labeled this reported incident of assault a "road rage rampage."Authorities received a call on a recent morning and proceeded to a home in Northern California. Upon arrival, they found the victim in the garage with several injuries. One witness told police he tried to stop the assailant but was also attacked, and a second person told the authorities that the suspect fled in his car, only to come close to running over the witness.

Hemet suspect who detonated "bomb" pleads not guilty

A man on parole was being pursued by police when he allegedly detonated an unknown explosive device. Now, he has pleaded not guilty to several charges as part of a criminal defense for the events surrounding his capture.The incident began when a California Highway Patrol officer attempted to make a traffic stop in San Jacinto near Camino Los Banos and Shaver Street. The defendant was driving a pickup with two passengers. An officer stated that the defendant ran through an intersection and hit another vehicle. The pickup was consequently inoperable, so the defendant fled the vehicle and pointed a gun at the officer. The officer returned fire, not hitting anyone, and the suspect took out an explosive device, which he threw into the yard of a nearby home, where it detonated. No injuries were reported due to the small explosion. The driver of the car that the suspect struck sustained minor injuries, and the passengers in the pickup were arrested along with the suspect but were later released.

Alameda County man responds to assault charges: not guilty

Bay Area authorities take any criminal instances very seriously. However, when violent crimes are involved, the stakes can be much higher for the accused individual. Recently, a former champion body builder who now lives outside Livermore in Alameda County pleaded not guilty to charges of assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats.

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