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Plea bargains have become common in criminal cases

Residents in California may be interested to know that plea bargains have become a common way to settle criminal cases. Negotiated pleas can benefit judges, defendants and prosecutors in terms of time and money. Around 90 percent of criminal cases are decided by negotiated plea bargains between judges, prosecutors, defendants and their lawyers.

Mentorship in Richmond provides opportunities to avoid crime

There are probably a number of our readers who have thought about the justice system and asked: what is the purpose of a criminal sentence? While the obvious answer says that a criminal sentence is designed to deter someone from committing a crime, some have argued that it may not fulfill this purpose every time. In some cases, alternative methods can be more successful at preventing someone from becoming a repeat offender.

Man accused of tax evasion proves rights violation to court

For most people, it isn’t until we are facing criminal charges that we realize how important our constitutional rights are. That’s because, as many of our California readers already know, it’s just as important for law enforcement to protect a person’s rights as it is for a person to follow state and federal laws.

California man wanted by FBI for supposedly having explosives

It’s not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to withhold information when reporting on open cases. While this is often done to protect the rights of the individual who is being accused of criminal activity as well as to maintain the integrity of the investigation, what information is released to the media can leave a lot open to interpretation.

Bond for teen allegedly involved in beating seen as 'excessive'

As many of our California readers know, bail can be set sometimes in trials, even if the crime is considered to be a violent one. This can even happen in cases of assault, though our readers should keep in mind that this doesn't happen all the time. But even though bail is sometimes offered, this does not always mean that those accused will agree with the amount that is set. Sometimes, a person may even feel as if the amount is excessive in nature because it does not fit the crime or does not show leniency to a person who has been cooperative with police.

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