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Authorities charge 14 people for allegedly transporting drugs

According to sources, California law enforcement authorities have charged 14 people in connection with an alleged scheme to transport drugs thoughout the country by bypassing airport security in Oakland. Reportedly, the alleged conspiracy occurred over a three-year period and involved baggage handlers and drug couriers.

Researchers say fingerprints can be tested for cocaine use

People in California who are charged with offenses involving cocaine may soon have their fingerprints tested rather than their saliva, blood or urine. A new technique for drug testing was recently developed by researchers in the Netherlands and Great Britain and described in the scientific journal Analyst.

Defenses to an involuntary manslaughter charge in California

A California resident may face an involuntary manslaughter charge when accused of causing the unintentional death of another individual during the commission of a non-felony crime or while engaging in lawful but reckless behavior. To prove their case, prosecutors must establish that the accused individual knew, or would have reason to know, that their actions were dangerous. While it is not necessary for a prosecutor to establish an intent to kill or cause harm in an involuntary manslaughter case, it must be shown that the defendant intended to commit the underlying crime.

Massive California bust of street gang nets 24 arrests

Authorities say that they have arrested 24 gang members who operated with a complex hierarchy that involved gang money making its way into California state prisons. All of the alleged gang members have been indicted and will be going on trial. Allegedly, these gang members were selling drugs and extorting "protection money" out of merchants. Operation "Red October" resulted in the arrest of two dozen California residents accused of being gang members who supposedly answered to inmates known as "Generals" from hundreds of miles away.

How false memories of crimes may occur in police investigations

California residents may need to know that some interview techniques could potentially lead to false convictions in criminal matters. A study published in "Psychological Science" illustrated that adults were able to internalize and believe fictional stories about committing a crime.

California police detain 2 for alleged burglary

Officers with the San Jose Police Department detained two men for attempting to burglarize a home in an upscale residential area on Jan. 9. According to sources, neighbors called the police after spotting the men attempting to break into a house located on Bentley Ridge Drive.

Innocent until proven guilty

The United States legal system, as implemented in California and all other states, has at its core the presumption of innocence. In the eyes of the law, every defendant is innocent until proven guilty. This provides protection against unjust accusation and trumped-up charges -- the burden of proof rests squarely with the prosecution, and to obtain a conviction, the prosecution must provide sufficient evidence to prove the defendant committed an unlawful act.

Drug possession under California law

The potential penalties differ in California for drug possession charges, depending on whether the person is charged with simple possession or possession with intent to sell. Possession of marijuana also have their own separate category of potential penalties than those for other drugs.

California may reduce some drug felony charges to misdemeanors

California is considering a ballot measure that will change some nonviolent felonies into misdemeanors. Proponents of the bill say Proposition 47 will save up to $200 million per year, and that money can go toward programs that will deal with issues such as truancy, mental health, substance abuse and victim services.

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