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Accused sex offender too ill to appear in California court

A 54-year-old alleged sex offender from the Santa Maria area is currently too ill for a trial to determine whether he's a violent sexual predator. He's been convicted of various sex crimes over the years. One of the earliest is a 1992 conviction involving four teenage boys. After being released for the 1992 crimes, he committed other offenses that sent him back to prison. After he was paroled in 2000, however, he was arrested again and convicted of felony child annoying. He received a 16-month sentence. In 2004, he was convicted of sexual sadism charges and received a 12-year sentence.

High-speed chase ends in murder charge for Palmdale man

A California man is facing a charge of murder after he allegedly led authorities on a high-speed chase that ended when his car broadsided a vehicle with two occupants inside, a girl and her mother. The girl was killed in the crash and her mother received serious injuries. The 45-year-old man who was charged with murder also faces a charge of felony evading an officer causing injury.

Man faces felony DUI charge in car crash

A 44-year-old Fairfield man was parked on the shoulder of Highway 29 with his hazard lights flashing while using his cellphone. He glanced in his rear-view mirror just in time to see a pick-up truck driven by a 32-year-old Napa man slam into the rear of his vehicle at a high rate of speed. Both vehicles were badly damaged, and the Napa man was treated for a possible broken jaw. The man driving the pick-up was arrested after he was released from the hospital and charged with suspicion of felony DUI. Other charges pertaining to the accident may be pending as well. The driver facing possible drunk driving charges may want to consider seeking the services of an experienced DUI attorney.

California man arrested for possession of bomb-making materials

A man returning to his California home was detained by the Transportation Security Administration and now faces a charge based on criminal law for the possession of bomb-making materials. A spokesman from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office reported that federal security agents found bomb-making materials in a watch in his possession while attempting to board a Southwest Airlines flight to his Rancho Palos Verdes home. The suspect is at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on $150,000 bail.According to TSA agents, the suspect removed his watch when he was going through a security checkpoint and placed it with his carry-on baggage and his coat. A TSA agent noticed the watch that was comprised of a large leather strap, a protruding toggle switch, wires, fuses and a circuit board. The bomb squad was called, but they did not find any explosive material in the watch.

Hemet suspect who detonated "bomb" pleads not guilty

A man on parole was being pursued by police when he allegedly detonated an unknown explosive device. Now, he has pleaded not guilty to several charges as part of a criminal defense for the events surrounding his capture.The incident began when a California Highway Patrol officer attempted to make a traffic stop in San Jacinto near Camino Los Banos and Shaver Street. The defendant was driving a pickup with two passengers. An officer stated that the defendant ran through an intersection and hit another vehicle. The pickup was consequently inoperable, so the defendant fled the vehicle and pointed a gun at the officer. The officer returned fire, not hitting anyone, and the suspect took out an explosive device, which he threw into the yard of a nearby home, where it detonated. No injuries were reported due to the small explosion. The driver of the car that the suspect struck sustained minor injuries, and the passengers in the pickup were arrested along with the suspect but were later released.

Ruling on California genetic sampling ahead

Criminal defense attorneys will be watching to see how the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will rule on a case challenging the right of police in California to take genetic samples for DNA testing from people arrested on felony charges. The state claims it has helped law enforcement identify 10,000 suspects in the past five years. The American Civil Liberties Union calls it a threat to individual privacy.Genetic sampling is not new to California. DNA collection has been part of the routine processing of convicted felons since 1998. The ACLU is not challenging the right of states to take samples when a criminal case ends in a felony conviction. The ACLU's position is that not every felony charge ends with a conviction. A felony charge may end in a dismissal or a reduction to misdemeanor charges.

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