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Raids on alleged gang members in California

After warnings during a Ceasefire meeting between police and community members, Oakland gangs Case Boys and Money Team did not stop shooting in the streets. As a consequence of the violent crimes they are alleged to have committed, state, local and federal authorities arrested 18 alleged members of the Case Boys on a variety of charges. A letter from the Oakland police chief was left at each raid location that warned if the shootings and deaths continued, they would continue to receive this type of unwanted attention. The letter also instructed them to pass the message to their family members and associates.

Alameda woman faces accessory to murder charges

The complex case surrounding the death of a Monte Sereno businessman continues to move toward a trial. Four people are currently accused of involvement in his death during a home invasion last year. The newest suspect, a 22-year-old Alameda woman, is charged as an accessory to murder. She pleaded not guilty to the charges on Feb. 14 and is being held on a $1 million bond.It is believed the businessman died of asphyxiation after being gagged and blindfolded during the course of the home invasion on Nov. 30, 2012. The Santa Clara County District Attorney is using this as the basis for saying the actions of the accused parties caused the businessman's death. The other three suspects are facing a variety of felony counts, including murder, false imprisonment and robbery.

String of arrests made in connection to deadly home invasion

Sacramento police arrested the fourth person involved in a violent crime that occurred on Nov. 30 and involved a home invasion and murder of a Monte Sereno man; the crime is still being investigated by area police, who issued a news release speculating that the home invasion and homicide were likely not random acts and that investigators on the case were concentrating on any potential connections that possible suspects could have to the victim's residence. The home invasion left a 66-year-old man dead and his wife with non-life threatening injuries. Connected arrests have since been made: One woman was arrested on Dec. 18 on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder; she also received charges for possession of felony narcotics, misdemeanor prostitution and public intoxication. Another man was arrested on Dec. 26 after police interviewed him at the Santa Clara County Jail where he was in custody due to an unrelated matter. The third arrest in the case occurred on Dec. 27 after Oakland police stopped and detained a man who was being transferred to Santa Clara County Jail. Police arrested him after interviewing him.

Multiple shootings in the Oakland area

Two murders took place within four hours of each other on the night of Dec. 7 in the Oakland area. That Saturday, there was another apparent murder near Jack London Square. A woman, who as pronounced dead at the scene, was shot in her home on Longfellow Avenue. Her boyfriend, who lived with her and fathered one of her children, was arrested in connection with the shooting. Police report that he called and admitted to killing his girlfriend. The couple argued prior to the shooting and had a history of domestic violence.

California man accused of 'road rage' assault, battery

Police arrested a man for assault with a deadly weapon as well as felony elder abuse after a traffic incident escalated into the realm of criminal law. The suspect allegedly followed an 83-year-old man home and assaulted him severely in his own garage. Police have labeled this reported incident of assault a "road rage rampage."Authorities received a call on a recent morning and proceeded to a home in Northern California. Upon arrival, they found the victim in the garage with several injuries. One witness told police he tried to stop the assailant but was also attacked, and a second person told the authorities that the suspect fled in his car, only to come close to running over the witness.

Judge orders mental examination in Oakland homicide trial

An Alameda County Superior Court judge has suspended proceedings against a former nursing student standing trial for the homicide of seven people and wounding of three others. His attorney expressed doubts of the man's mental competency. The judge agreed, and the accused will be examined by two psychiatrists before returning to trial in November. Proceedings will continue then if the defendant is declared mentally competent. Prosecutors have not decided whether or not they will seek the death penalty.The defendant has pleaded not guilty to seven counts of murder and three attempted murders and is currently being held without bail. The attacks occurred at Oikos University in East Oakland in April. He is being held in Dublin at Santa Rita Jail.

Suspect shot by police and charged with aggravated assault

Police believe that a fatal shooting last month of a 20-year-old and a shootout with police that wounded the deceased's alleged revenge-seeking friend could be related to gang crimes in the Mission District of San Francisco. Two men are under arrest on homicide charges in connection with the original shooting.The Mission District erupted into protests for two nights following the police shooting of a 22-year old who, according to police, had armed himself with an assault pistol to seek revenge for the killing of his friend. The suspect pointed the weapon at a police officer who confronted him. The police officer shot the armed suspect.

Alameda County man responds to assault charges: not guilty

Bay Area authorities take any criminal instances very seriously. However, when violent crimes are involved, the stakes can be much higher for the accused individual. Recently, a former champion body builder who now lives outside Livermore in Alameda County pleaded not guilty to charges of assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats.

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