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Salinas woman, companions booked on DUI and public intoxication

After a 22-year-old Salinas woman crashed her car into a plant box in the center median on Gabilan Street in Salinas, she was arrested for DUI, and her two friends were arrested for public intoxication. The impact with the planter was forceful: The engine reportedly flew out of the car and was destroyed. However, all three passengers received only minor injuries. Officers determined that the 22-year-old driver's blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit of .08 percent. In general, most drunk driving accidents and stops result only in the driver being arrested. However, the two passengers were reportedly so intoxicated that they were charged with public intoxication. The group was taken to a hospital and then booked at the Monterey County Jail.

Man returns to California to face murder charges

A 40-year-old Cocolalla man was extradited and returned to California from another state on a warrant involving first-degree murder charges. He is being held without bond in San Bernardino County. The man is accused of killing two men in 1995 whose remains have never been found. The crime is alleged to have happened when the extradited man and an accomplice offered to sell ephedrine to the two missing men. Ephedrine is an ingredient used to make methamphetamine, and it is contended that selling them the drug was actually a ruse to rob the two men. Since the two were never seen after they left to meet with the extradited man and his accomplice, it is alleged that he and his partner killed them.

Man denies charge of raping an autistic girl

A 36-year-old San Francisco man has pleaded not guilty to charges of sex crimes against a 16-year-old autistic girl. The victim lived at a group home located in the Oakland area and wandered away from the facility in late November. The 16-year-old girl, who has the mental capacity of a much younger child, was initially followed for a time by some of the facility staff, but they lost visual contact with her close to the Fruitvale BART metro stop and called the police. From there, the girl was abducted and moved to a residence in the area. She was raped several times over three days. After she escaped, a train operator discovered her and alerted the police. She was able to help police find the man who allegedly attacked her.

California and other crime labs - It's not "Law and Order"

Californians who watch television crime shows might be led to believe that state and federal crime labs are state of the art facilities with forensic scientists who quickly process evidence. The reality is crime labs are generally underfunded with backlogs as long as nine months or more. There are no uniform requirements for forensic lab technicians and many jurisdictions don't require any kind of certification. Defendants who find themselves in conflict with the findings of a crime lab may benefit from a criminal defense attorney. A case in the office of the New York City Medical Examiner shows just how serious these problems can become. Authorities are now reviewing over 800 rape cases because of possible mishandled evidence by a technician. So far, evidence of incompetence has been discovered in 26 cases. This raises the issue of cross-contamination, meaning that DNA from one individual might be matched in error with an innocent party.

Supreme Court reviews search warrant criteria in DUI case

The Supreme Court heard arguments in a case involving whether or not a search warrant should be required to take a blood sample from a DUI suspect. The case dealt with a Missouri man who was pulled over by a state patrolman for speeding who failed a roadside sobriety test and refused the breath test.

California man arrested for possession of bomb-making materials

A man returning to his California home was detained by the Transportation Security Administration and now faces a charge based on criminal law for the possession of bomb-making materials. A spokesman from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office reported that federal security agents found bomb-making materials in a watch in his possession while attempting to board a Southwest Airlines flight to his Rancho Palos Verdes home. The suspect is at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on $150,000 bail.According to TSA agents, the suspect removed his watch when he was going through a security checkpoint and placed it with his carry-on baggage and his coat. A TSA agent noticed the watch that was comprised of a large leather strap, a protruding toggle switch, wires, fuses and a circuit board. The bomb squad was called, but they did not find any explosive material in the watch.

Hemet suspect who detonated "bomb" pleads not guilty

A man on parole was being pursued by police when he allegedly detonated an unknown explosive device. Now, he has pleaded not guilty to several charges as part of a criminal defense for the events surrounding his capture.The incident began when a California Highway Patrol officer attempted to make a traffic stop in San Jacinto near Camino Los Banos and Shaver Street. The defendant was driving a pickup with two passengers. An officer stated that the defendant ran through an intersection and hit another vehicle. The pickup was consequently inoperable, so the defendant fled the vehicle and pointed a gun at the officer. The officer returned fire, not hitting anyone, and the suspect took out an explosive device, which he threw into the yard of a nearby home, where it detonated. No injuries were reported due to the small explosion. The driver of the car that the suspect struck sustained minor injuries, and the passengers in the pickup were arrested along with the suspect but were later released.

Defendants sentenced in Fresno federal child porn case

Two men were sentenced in different federal cases for sex crimes including possession of child pornography. Several law enforcement agencies, including Homeland Security Investigations, cooperated on the cases. The cases were part of the Project Safe Childhood initiative, which is designed to protect of children from sexual exploitation and abuse. One of the men has a prior conviction for a sexual offense, which enhanced his sentence to 10 years in custody. Upon his release, he will receive 15 years of supervised release. He was in possession of sexual images on his cellphone. The other defendant received 6.5 years in prison for receiving child pornography. He also allegedly possessed hundreds of sexually explicit photos and videos on his computer.

Oakland man charged with sex crimes

A 26-year-old Oakland man is accused of sex crimes stemming from alleged intercourse with a 14-year-old relative in Napa. The man allegedly impregnated the girl, who ended up reporting the pregnancy and the birth of a child to social services. Last month, the state added to the August charges the special charges of committing a lewd act on a child and causing great bodily injury. The suspect has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. The judge ordered him on Oct. 4 to stand trial after a preliminary hearing scheduled for Nov. 1. He remains free pending the trial.

Suspect shot by police and charged with aggravated assault

Police believe that a fatal shooting last month of a 20-year-old and a shootout with police that wounded the deceased's alleged revenge-seeking friend could be related to gang crimes in the Mission District of San Francisco. Two men are under arrest on homicide charges in connection with the original shooting.The Mission District erupted into protests for two nights following the police shooting of a 22-year old who, according to police, had armed himself with an assault pistol to seek revenge for the killing of his friend. The suspect pointed the weapon at a police officer who confronted him. The police officer shot the armed suspect.

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