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Obama commutes 330 sentences on his last day as president

California residents may be interested in learning that, as his final act as president, former president Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 330 inmates. During his presidency, Obama commuted the sentences of 1,715 inmates. Approximately 560 of those inmates were facing life sentences for drug offenses.

Synthetic drugs may result in California charges

In an effort to keep from being arrested for creating illegal substances, some people create compounds using different ingredients but produce the same result as illegal drugs. The idea is that if a certain chemical compound isn't considered illegal, a person should be able to make it without running afoul of the law. This sometimes works in the short run, but laws are frequently passed to make previously legal substances illegal.

Truck driver accused of transporting large quantity of heroin

On Dec. 1, California Highway Patrol officers stopped a truck driver who was driving to Canada and charged him with possession and transportation of narcotics. According to a CHP officer, the incident began at around 8 a.m. when the truck driver was pulled over for speeding along northbound Interstate 15 in Hesperia.

Doughnut glaze confused for meth by police

Californians might be interested in a case that was recently filed in Florida against the city of Orlando and a drug testing company. According to court documents, a man filed a lawsuit against both the testing company and the city after he was falsely accused and arrested for allegedly possessing methamphetamine.

In latest commutations round, Obama commutes 111 sentences

Californians might be interested in learning that President Obama recently commuted the sentences of 111 more federal prisoners. The most recent round of commutations occurred on Aug. 30, bringing the total number of inmates who have received commutations since Obama took office to 673 people.

Health crisis spurs potential ban on synthetic drugs

On Aug. 26, the Los Angeles City Council adopted an emergency measure that requests an ordinance be created to ban synthetic drugs such as spice. That particular drug was blamed on an outbreak that left 50 people dead in the Skid Row part of downtown. If created, the ordinance would ban the use, sale and possession of novel synthetic or psychoactive drugs. It also calls on the governor of California to close loopholes in other laws already banning such substances.

More than 1,100 taken into custody for criminal activity

According to a report released on March 28, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents took into custody more than 1,100 individuals who were accused of being involved in gang activities across the nation. Of the 1,133 people , more than 900 were individuals who were accused of being involved in criminal activities both in the U.S. and abroad.

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