Drug Manufacturing And Drug Trafficking Criminal Defense

If you have been accused, suspected or arrested for drug manufacturing, drug trafficking or drug cultivation, you need an experienced defense lawyer protecting your rights.

We have protected and defended the rights of those accused of drug offenses for three decades. Our attorneys provide aggressive criminal defense.

We Handle Drug Manufacturing, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Drug Crimes

Drug cases, more often than other types of cases, involve the government’s violation of a constitutionally protected right. These guarantees of the state and federal Constitutions include the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures (Fourth Amendment), the right to remain silent (Fifth Amendment) and to have the assistance of an attorney (Sixth Amendment).

Your constitutional rights are vigorously defended. Whether questions arise concerning the validity of a search warrant or search, the taking of a statement under questionable circumstances or denying an individual the right to expeditiously contact a lawyer, you may be assured our defense attorneys will seek all remedies available, including, where appropriate, dismissal of the charges.

The consequences of a drug or narcotic conviction can be devastating. Punishments range from county jail to years in state prison. Registration as a narcotics offender can be imposed in many cases, and in many others, the court can require an offender to submit to searches of the person, residence, vehicle and property without the need for a search warrant or probable cause. The consequences also become more serious if there are any sentence enhancements involved.

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