Experienced and Attentive Representation Against Violent Crimes Charges

The most aggressively prosecuted criminal charges are typically violent crimes. Mandatory sentencing for many violent crime convictions involve years of prison time. These sentences increase in severity if they are compounded with a history of violent crimes on your criminal record.

Do not leave your defense to an inexperienced attorney. You need to be sure your case is handled with the most seasoned and attentive counsel available. Contact Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP, and discuss your options as soon as possible.

Our firm handles cases for individuals facing violent crime charges such as:

  • Assault and battery: Whether there was an altercation at a bar or a dispute between neighbors, we can investigate your case and present persuasive arguments in your favor when you’ve been charged with assault and/or battery.
  • Domestic violence: Arguments at home and among family members can lead to legal action. Some cases involve crimes against children while others involve spouses or elder abuse. No matter what, we are here to give you a voice.
  • Weapons offenses: Even if a weapon was not used during criminal activity, possession of a gun or a weapon itself can increase the severity of a charge. Make sure your story is told through an experienced criminal defense attorney.
  • Murder and manslaughter: Charges like homicide, involuntary manslaughter or vehicular manslaughter will stay with you for years to come. We can make sure your rights are upheld to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.
  • Gang crimes and enhancementsAny criminal charge is serious, but if the charge against you can be associated with gang activity, the charge and potential sentence may be enhanced when prosecuted. We can help mitigate these consequences and keep you out of jail.

An Important Note About The Three Strikes Law In California

The criminal justice system does not only take into account an individual’s current criminal charges. The Three Strikes Law is a prime example of this fact. Judges and juries may consider an individual’s criminal record when determining whether cases will be dismissed or reduced, or what sentences may be appropriate.

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You need to be sure that you get the most experienced defense possible, even if this is the first offense on your criminal record. Having today’s charges dropped or reduced can change the way the cards fall later on.

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