Protect your Child from the future Ramifications of a Criminal Conviction

If your son or daughter has been arrested or charged with a crime, your instincts as a parent are to protect your child. Criminal charges can be complicated and a criminal conviction could ruin your child’s future.

Your family needs an experienced, aggressive juvenile defense lawyer who will protect your child’s rights as well as your child’s future. For a free initial consultation with a juvenile law attorney, contact Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP today.

Your Child’s Rights — Your Child’s Future

A conviction for misdemeanor drug possession or another crime may seem simple now, but that conviction could affect your child for years to come, affecting college admission, job opportunities, or his or her very freedom.

Protect your child’s rights while in the criminal justice system and protect your child’s future by talking with an experienced juvenile law attorney. Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP in Livermore, represent juveniles who have been accused of or charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes, such as:

  • Violent crimes, such as murder/manslaughter, assault, and battery
  • Drug offenses, such as drug possession and drug sales
  • Sex offenses, such as date rape, sexual assault, and child molestation
  • Property crimes, such as robbery, burglary, vandalism, theft, and shoplifting
  • Traffic offenses, such as DUI, reckless driving, and street racing

Juvenile matters are different from the prosecution and punishment of adults. Our juvenile law attorneys can explain the differences and what you can expect. The firm can handle issues related to competency, emotional and psychiatric issues, and sealing juvenile records when your child turns 18 years old.

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No matter what crime your child is accused of or charged with — from drug possession, shoplifting or vandalism to assault, rape or murder — contact Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP for experienced counsel. Our attorneys can help your child now and help protect his or her future.

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