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What is the California Three-Strikes Law?

In California, convictions for specified “serious” and “violent” felonies are considered “strikes.” A conviction for these “serious” and “violent” offenses has the effect of limiting eligibility for probation, reducing custodial “good-time/work-time” service credits, and, most importantly, enhancing punishment for the conviction of future serious or violent felonies.

Second convictions have effect of doubling a person’s exposure to punishment for the underlying offense, and conviction of a violent or serious felony with two or more prior strikes can result in imprisonment for a period of 25 years to life. This is why the law is often referred to as, “Three strikes and you’re out.”

What crimes are “strikes” in California?

These terms have a specialized meaning in the law. California Penal Code §667.5 lists approximately 23 categories of “violent” crimes, and Penal Code §§1192.7 and 1192.8 list approximately 48 categories of “serious” crimes, all of which might qualify as “strikes.”

The consequences of not knowing how serious an offense is or of being convicted of a “serious” or “violent” felony can be devastating. It is essential that anyone accused of committing a felony offense immediately seek a highly skilled and qualified criminal defense lawyer

Our criminal defense attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to consult, at no charge, on the significance of any felony accusation. We know your rights and options under the three-strikes law.

What other types of Three-Strikes Laws are there in California?

Yes. California is tough on guns. A conviction for an offense involving the possession, use, or injury of a person with a gun can result in denial of probation, limitation on custodial “good-time/work-time” service credits, and imprisonment for 10 or 20 years, or for 25 years to life.

Do not underestimate the seriousness of a felony accusation. Seek immediate legal help and call a criminal defense attorney immediately. The Three-Strikes law involving serious or violent felonies, or guns, can be life-altering.

Our criminal defense attorneys at Rien, Adams & Cox, LLP have a combined  50+ years of experience defending individuals accused of committing serious and violent felonies and successfully defending against the devastating impact of a “strike” conviction.

There is no cost to an initial consultation, and defense attorneys are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet and review and explain your rights and defense options.

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